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elemental flow 200hR Summer Nature Adventure Yoga Teacher Training

Taozi Tree Yoga would like to deeply welcome you to the beginning of what could be a life-changing experience. Making the decision to take a yoga teacher training isn’t about becoming a yoga teacher. It is about really deeply looking into your core and uncovering and reconnecting to your most authentic self.

To ask us anything or to receive the application please contact us via our WeChat public account or send an e-mail to Theresa.
WeChat ID: TaoziTreeYoga


 Parks, Rivers, Rooftops, Mountains... lets explore together 

 Your own sacred retreat away from the busy world, EVERY WEEKEND! 

 Feel the energy of 
  Mother Nature  

 Escape Busy 
  City Life  

 Connect to Yourself 
in a NEW way

Are you curious enough about yoga to spend over 200 hours reading, discussing, and practicing it with like-minded people? Are ready to have your perspective and outlook on life transformed and rocket into a new dimension with more purpose and value behind everything that you do?

This special summer program will focus on nature and getting outside as much as we are able. Imagine meditating to the sound of cicadas in the early morning mists. We will adventure to the park, by the river, secret gardens, and rooftops. We promise to take you to special spaces to help us connect to the elements and ultimately, yourself.

Our 200 HR ELEMENTAL FLOW yoga teacher training is Taozi Tree Yoga's signature offering. Its success stems from the authentic teaching of yoga's ancient wisdom as well as its modern applications to live life lightly and free the mind. Course content including asanas, pranayama, philosophy, subtle energy, anatomy and teaching skills are organized according to the foundational elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Our unique framework allows students to personally experience and absorb the complexity and vastness of the material. Join us to become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and forever member of the Taozi family!


The most common questions we receive about this training are: Do you think I'm good enough to participate in a yoga teacher training? Do I have enough experience? Am I strong or flexible enough? Our answer in almost all cases is YES!!!


Our questions for you are...Do you love or are you curious enough about yoga to spend 200 hours + reading, discussing, and practicing it with like-minded people? And, more importantly, are you ready to have your perspective and outlook on life transformed? 


If you have been thinking about joining our tribe on this exciting journey and you wish to take your own practice to the next level, then now is the time. If you are ready to rocket into a new dimension with more purpose and value behind everything that you do... then please, join us. Our yoga teacher training is guaranteed to be a life-changing experience. 


May 20/21, 27/28

June 10/11, 17/18

July 1/2, 8/9, 22/23, 29/30

August 12/13

We are excited to provide this added value of outdoor exploration and adventure so that we can connect to that vibrant universal energy while the land is most fertile, nourishing our inner souls in a whole new way. We will even include a special trip outside of the city to a temple.


When it gets very hot, for the afternoons we will return to our peaceful studio in Sanlitun for cooler temperatures and more mellow practice and lectures. Well stocked with comfortable bolsters and chilled coconut waters to let us relax and enjoy the learnings!


Our training is based on the 8-limb path outlined by Patanjali and our lineage from Krishnamacharya

   Curriculum Includes: 

  • Morning Satsang (community practice) including pranayama, meditation, and kirtan/chanting

  • Daily asana practice exploring concepts covered in daily lectures and workshops; classes may include mudras, mantras, chakras, and other deeper themes

  • Sequencing charting + 6 actions of the spine

  • Sankalpa writing and intention setting

  • Yoga Nidra: Relax into Greatness w/ Rod Stryker to help plant the Sankalpa into students hearts

  • Yoga history; from the ancient Indus valley to modern-day; Vedic Era/Pre-Classical Era/Classical Era/Post-Classical (modern-day; Including Krishnamacharya)

  • Yoga philosophy and how it applies to our daily lives; exploration of the Yamas and Niyamas

  • Study of the ~50 most commonly found asanas in entry-level to intermediate level classes; intention, benefits, teaching technique, contraindications, modifications, bio-mechanics, Drishti, Bandhas (energy locks) and the energetic effects (vayus, chakras, doshas) 

  • Mechanics of breathing as it relates to natural breath and pranayama + kumbhaka; full yoga breath, ujjayi, kapalabhati, nadi-shodhana 

  • Yoga physiology, energy bodies and how to incorporate in classes

  • Anatomy of the body, musculoskeletal system and, key joints + how to practice safely with injury prevention as a priority

  • Intro to Ayurveda and Dosha imbalances (Kapha+Vata+Pita)

  • Intro to teaching special groups: PST, elderly, pregnancy, kids

  • Intro to Mindfulness + Yoga and the brain / Intro to trauma-informed teaching

  • How to teach; the yoga Ps (posture, pace, presence, professionalism)

  • Yoga ethics

  • An opportunity to practice teach in community classes in Beijing

  • An exploration of voice and the ability to practice dharma (our true life's purpose) and finding a place for karma yoga (service) in our lives and in our community

  • Final written exam + teaching practicum with unparalleled and invaluable feedback sessions 

  • Much, much more...

Please note the schedule below is for WEEKEND YTT but online classes are now offline with Theresa for this Summer YTT 2023.

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