When I signed up to the Taozi YTT I wasn’t really sure why I had decided to embark upon this journey or what I was hoping to get out of it, all I knew was that there was something that I was immediately drawn to when I first saw the Fall course advertised. I just that I knew I had to do it! I would never have considered doing a YTT anywhere else, despite having practiced yoga for a number of years in various countries around the world. The fact that it was Theresa running the course made me feel like it was something that I could achieve and that it would be a positive experience because of her – I was right! From the moment I met Theresa, at the first yoga class of hers I went to, before Taozi Tree existed, she touched my heart with her warmth,...


Our wish it to be of maximum service to you, to our community, to our city Beijing, and to the world. The seeds we water are the seeds that grow. Namaste

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training 

This Spring, 2019, Taozi Tree Yoga is offering the next opportunity for Beijing residents to take a deep dive into the world of yoga. A great place to start, regardless if yoga teaching has ever crossed your mind. 

With Theresa 桃子老师, Bruno, Erin, Gwen and Malgo @ GUIWEI YOGA!

In 2018 Taozi Tree Yoga launched its first three 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT's). This came out of a deep-seated calling in the heart of Theresa to help develop the role of yoga as a community and lifestyle tool in the ci...

Our wish it to be of maximum service to you, to our community, to our city Beijing, and to the world. The seeds we water are the seeds that grow. Namaste

一场前所未有的200H YTT教培 in English

跟随最资深而最有趣的教学团队:Theresa, Bruno, Erin Lee, Gwen, and Malgo...






With Theresa 桃子老师, Bruno, Erin, Gwen and Malgo @ GUIWEI YOGA!







Hello Beijing Yogis! We hope every one is enjoying the transition into FALL/WINTER 2018! We are excited to have so many incredible workshops and events coming up to take us into the end of the year... check it out!

Yoga in the Park (Hyatt)

First: Super exciting anouncment... Yoga in the Park will continue through the winter with select Sundays holding our beautful community classes in the exquisite Paradise Lounge at the Park Hyatt Hotel in GuoMao! Yoga in the Park (Hyatt) Yassss.... Class will be made up of the same warm community and brunch will still be at Moka Bros, just now in the city @ The Place! Please join our Yoga in the Park groups to stay updated on when class is on. Scan QR code in the poster to join. 

Taozi Tree Yoga Space

Our var...


September 27-October 8 


A once in a lifetime journey into the heart of Africa. 

Fly from Beijing to Entebbe on Thursday, September 27th and return Monday, October 8th, 2018.

4 days of service work with Musana Community Development Organization,  3 days of relaxing by the gorgeous Sipi Falls and 3 days of safari  adventure in Murchison National Park.




4 Days of service work and local exploration at Musana

  • Opportunity to explore a successful development organization. 

    www.musana.org  Play games with children.

  • Ride a  motorcycle into the small village of Bokonko to see working wom...

Do you breathe? Are you ready to rocket into a new dimension with more purpose and value behind everything that you do? Then this yoga teacher training is guaranteed to be a life changing experience. This Spring Theresa is offering a convenient and affordable opportunity to take a deep dive into the world of yoga. A great place to start, regardless if yoga teaching has ever crossed your mind. 

Theresa is a 500 E-RYT and has been teaching for a decade. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, City Weekend, CCTV and more. With thousands of hours of teaching experience and certified with 1000+ hrs of Yoga Alliance trainings Theresa is thrilled to lead her first ever 200hr training in the community she calls home.

With help from Bruni Di An...

Beijing Health Week is opening this Sunday, September 17th with an hour long fun yoga flow with Theresa followed by lunch by Juice by Mellisa! 120 RMB for both is an incredible deal, and what makes it even better? All proceeds go to charity, the Global Environment Institute. Tickets are almost gone so get yours TODAY! 

开幕式时间地点:9月17日周日,11:00-14:00,柏悦酒店6层 天堂书屋

The Opening Ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 17th , 11am to 2pm @ the Paradise Lounge, Park Hyatt (6thfloor).


JBM为本次活动提供了绝对超值的能量午餐,包含营养丰富的食物、冷压果汁以及低能量小食。来自Theresa Taozi老师的瑜伽课程体验让你过足瑜伽瘾。

Ticket Price: 120RMB

The ceremony will be every yogi’s dream with an exclusive yoga flow experience from yoga teacher Theresa Taozi and a JBM fueled energy lunch including delicious...

Katie passed away on August 28, 2011. I wrote this a year later. It is still a good read for when I miss her and want to reconnect, to remember the spirit she is to me. And to many of you who miss her. If you didn't know Katie, please take a look and get to... she was so special.

Dear Katie,

We love you and miss you down here. I know your still with us in spirit. I feel you particularly when I laugh a lot or when for some reason I myself am funny and make people burst into a fit of giggles. I'm so sad you are not here with us any more. My best friend and sister. It's been hard coming to accept that you are really gone. There is a hole in my gut where your presence used to be, the comfort of knowing you were here with me, trying your best to figure...

Yoga in the Park with Yoga Yard and Moka Bros is off to an amazing start with Theresa and Justine leading two packed classes over the last couple of weeks. If you haven't yet had the chance to make the class, do it! We promise... it is... the best. Light heart-ed, strong, nature filled, and totally laid back. You will leave with new friends, guaranteed.

For more info on how to join the class, contact T on her wechat- TheresaRae

Spring has sprung! Yogis across the world look at this time as the perfect opportunity for both letting go of the old and of encouraging renewal of the self and the blossoming of NEW LIFE! Looking around Beijing it is so clear to see that indeed the time has come for new beginnings. Things have started to blossom, the days are becoming longer, and an overall optimistic energy fills the air.

Speaking of new life... I just delivered a beautiful baby girl- Mia Rae, 4 days ago!

For 40 weeks my body nourished her and housed her, getting her ready for the world outside. Now that she is out,  we together embark on a new journey. For her and I the witnessing of new life could not be clearer!  Spring in its fullest sense!

I want however, to share with...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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