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5 Amazing Spring Rituals

Spring has sprung! Yogis across the world look at this time as the perfect opportunity for both letting go of the old and of encouraging renewal of the self and the blossoming of NEW LIFE! Looking around Beijing it is so clear to see that indeed the time has come for new beginnings. Things have started to blossom, the days are becoming longer, and an overall optimistic energy fills the air.

Speaking of new life... I just delivered a beautiful baby girl- Mia Rae, 4 days ago!

For 40 weeks my body nourished her and housed her, getting her ready for the world outside. Now that she is out, we together embark on a new journey. For her and I the witnessing of new life could not be clearer! Spring in its fullest sense!

I want however, to share with you, that there is also the opportunity for new life within YOU (no, not a baby). Not necessarily because Spring has arrived, because really every day is a new beginning, but March 20th being the first day of Spring does serve as a magical opportunity to really evaluate in what ways we want to start anew. The one thing constant in life is change. Nothing stays the same and life becomes more enjoyable when we not only meet the changes but assist them with a willingness to grow towards something meaningful. What is meaningful to you?

What do we want to let go of and grow towards? Are we ready or willing to progress to a new level of being, and dare I say it, of spirituality? And if so… how do we do it?

All really powerful questions to ask and search for at this special time of year.

Here are five beautiful Spring rituals to assist with letting go of the old and bringing in the new. None of these five rituals are original; all have been shared with me by my own gurus to whom I am eternally grateful. I am happy to share them with you and I hope you try some and experience the wonderful sensations of lightness of being, of cleanliness and of new growth. By partaking in these rituals we can assist the powers that be with welcoming in change, change that will help up become closer to our true selves…

1: LET GO: Make a list of BEHAVIORS or FEELINGS that you want to be rid of.

*Resentment or frustration towards a co-worker

*Jealously or Comparison

*Judgment towards the self/negative self-talk “I shouldn’t have eaten that… I should have done XYZ…ect… ”

*Gossiping or incessant meaningless rambling

*ALL pre-conceived ideas of the self both good and bad. Simply live as yourself in this moment…

2: CLEAN OUT: Get into our closet and get rid of anything that no longer suits you or anything you haven’t touched in a year. One idea is to organize a clothing swap with your friends. Everyone brings old shoes, clothes, bags, and books and have a party! You will leave with some treasures from your friends. I do this often with my friends and it makes me feel so good ;) All left over goods can be donated to a local charity like Roundabout. Next head to the kitchen and do the same! On April 8th the Mind Body Project is hosting a Live With Less party where you can get rid of what ever you need.

3) FAST: After cleaning out your emotions and your closet, lets get into the body! The digestive system is constantly working and could use a break once in a while. Try one of many versions of fasting.

*Don’t consume anything but water one day out of the week or one out of every eleven days, as they commonly practice in India (according to Natwar our lovely guru from Rishikesh Yog Peeth)

*Only consume veggies or fruits for a day, a week. Hello Juice By Melissa….

There are endless variations of fasting worthy of another whole post. After the fast* begin to contemplate bigger dietary changes you can make to sustain positive energy and nutrition through out this incredibly powerful season.

4) GRATITUDE: Make yourself a gratitude list. Get a piece of paper and some colorful pens. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.






Make it a long full list, and as you write it constantly thank your higher power for all the blessings you have received. No matter what you believe in… just show some gratitude for your life. This attitude of gratitude at the start of this special season will set you up to approach life with a healthy pair of eyes. Our perspective and attitude towards our life makes a huge impact towards what comes into it. By being positive and grateful, we are welcoming positive changes. Remember that the seeds we water are the seeds that grow. By starting spring with gratitude for all we have already been given, we show the universe we are willing to work with it and ready for more.

5) VISION: Make a vision board. In spring it is the perfect time to get busy on projects you have always wanted to take part in. Get a large piece of foam board and some magazines. Cut out pictures and affirmations of things you want to bring you’re your life. “I am happy” “I am wealthy” “I am healthy” are some GREAT things to include. What ever it is you would like to bring into your life, include it! Want a big comfortable bed? Find a picture and glue it down. Want to find yourself in hand stand? (I do…) Put it on there! When you have finished your board put it in a special place where you will see it frequently. Chances are good that in the next couple of months Ill lead a Soul Seeds Vision Boarding workshop and we can vision board together… so stay tuned if you would like some guidance…

There are so many success stories of people who have put together vision boards that it is certainly worth trying. If you are a believer in any variation of the “supreme universal power” and would like it to be more powerful in your life, perhaps start an “Artists Way” group. Getting meetings started with fellow writers, artists and yogis, so you can support each other with your creative endeavors.

Remember that in order to have anything in life grow or change it takes practice and cultivation… these 5 suggested rituals are ways to assist in of whatever type change or direction you wish to go. I wish you the best and look forward to hearing how these work for you. All my love, Theresa

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