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Opening for Beijing Health Week

Beijing Health Week is opening this Sunday, September 17th with an hour long fun yoga flow with Theresa followed by lunch by Juice by Mellisa! 120 RMB for both is an incredible deal, and what makes it even better? All proceeds go to charity, the Global Environment Institute. Tickets are almost gone so get yours TODAY!

开幕式时间地点:9月17日周日,11:00-14:00,柏悦酒店6层 天堂书屋

The Opening Ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 17th , 11am to 2pm @ the Paradise Lounge, Park Hyatt (6thfloor).


JBM为本次活动提供了绝对超值的能量午餐,包含营养丰富的食物、冷压果汁以及低能量小食。来自Theresa Taozi老师的瑜伽课程体验让你过足瑜伽瘾。

Ticket Price: 120RMB

The ceremony will be every yogi’s dream with an exclusive yoga flow experience from yoga teacher Theresa Taozi and a JBM fueled energy lunch including deliciously nutritious food, nourishing juices, and guilt-free snacks!


To reserve a spot

1. 扫描下方二维码直接订购/ SCAN the QR below and order directly;

Global Environmental Institute(NGO合作伙伴/ NGO Partner)


In addition to the kick-ass kick-start at your health week, all proceeds of the Opening Ceremony will be donated to our official NGO partner, the Global Environment Institute. This special organization is dedicated to developing and operating projects China’s western Qinghai Province to help protect the environment, enrich the livelihood of the local population, and improve health conditions. Our proceeds will go directly towards funding this life-changing organization’s projects, pushing them one step forward to achieving their goals.



With love,


The seeds we water are the seeds that grow.


Theresa 桃子老师(500 E-RYT) has been teaching and studying yoga internationally for well over adecade. She has studied all over the world with many of yoga's leadingteachers. She uses her life experience combined with her wide range oftrainings to teach from the heart. A style of yoga that is both physiologically transformative and spiritually illuminating. She implements her “Soul Seeds”philosophy and tool kit in private sessions in a unique form of yoga coachingto help individuals reach their maximum potential in every aspect of life. Lastly,she is an avid socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneur producinghandmade yoga mat bags in Uganda, lifting vulnerable women out of poverty. Shehas been featured on CCTV, China Yoga Online, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest and more.

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