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October/November at Taozi Tree Yoga

Hello Beijing Yogis! We hope every one is enjoying the transition into FALL/WINTER 2018! We are excited to have so many incredible workshops and events coming up to take us into the end of the year... check it out!

Yoga in the Park (Hyatt)

First: Super exciting anouncment... Yoga in the Park will continue through the winter with select Sundays holding our beautful community classes in the exquisite Paradise Lounge at the Park Hyatt Hotel in GuoMao! Yoga in the Park (Hyatt) Yassss.... Class will be made up of the same warm community and brunch will still be at Moka Bros, just now in the city @ The Place! Please join our Yoga in the Park groups to stay updated on when class is on. Scan QR code in the poster to join.

Taozi Tree Yoga Space

Our variety of classes continue in our Taozi Tree Yoga space at the AC Embassy Hotel. We feature heart felt vinyassa flow classes for all levels, yoga for athletes, Satsang sessions with kirtan (singing), Reiki shares and more. Our community truly is a rare gem in Beijing. We have an amazing October promotion on... if you buy a 10 class pass, you will receive 2 FREE class passes that you can either use yourself or give to a friend (the holidays are coming...). 12 classes for 1000RMB is a great deal.

Workshops and Classes

We have a number of enlightening series, events and trainings coming up with some truly gifted teachers including Erin Lee Henshaw and Zhao! Don't miss them... Theresa has known Erin personally for almost a decade and can attest that she is a one of a kind educator and overflows with valuable evidence based knowledge in the field of mindfullness and wellbeing. These opportinities to study with her before she leaves Beijing are GOLD.

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