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Our wish it to be of maximum service to you, to our community, to our city Beijing, and to the world. The seeds we water are the seeds that grow. Namaste

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

This Spring, 2019, Taozi Tree Yoga is offering the next opportunity for Beijing residents to take a deep dive into the world of yoga. A great place to start, regardless if yoga teaching has ever crossed your mind.

With Theresa 桃子老师, Bruno, Erin, Gwen and Malgo @ GUIWEI YOGA!

In 2018 Taozi Tree Yoga launched its first three 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT's). This came out of a deep-seated calling in the heart of Theresa to help develop the role of yoga as a community and lifestyle tool in the city. The testimonials have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, so much so that we expect the trainings in 2019 to expand! Many of our teachers who have graduated are now leading their own communities in the practice. They are helping run our space and grow in their own directions. It is truly beautiful and powerful to see the rippling effects of the spirit of yoga.

The most common questions we receive about this training are: Do you think I'm good enough to participate in a yoga teacher training? Do I have enough experience? Am I flexible enough or strong enough? Our answer in almost all cases is YES.

Do you love or are you curious enough about yoga to spend 200 hours+ reading, discussing, and practicing it with like-minded people?

If YOU have been thinking about joining us on this exciting journey and you wish to take your own practice to the next level, then this is an incredible opportunity. If you are ready to rocket into a new dimension with more purpose and value behind everything that you do... then please join us. This yoga teacher training is guaranteed to be a life changing experience.


This year is we will be collaborating with the beautiful Guiwei Yoga, so our students can benefit from their beautiful facilities and their true heart for the practice. We love this space and you will to. Its located on Qingnianlu, right on line 6.

Meet your incredible team of teachers!

Theresa 桃子老师

Theresa is founder of TAOZI TREE YOGA and the lead teacher for this training.

She is a 500 E-RYT and has been teaching, and continuously studying for a decade. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, City Weekend, CCTV and more. With thousands of hours of teaching experience and certified with 1000+ hours of the highest quality Yoga Alliance trainings, Theresa loves leading these trainings in the community she calls home.

Bruno Di Angelis 老师

Bruno is our traditional Sivananda yogi sharing his expertise in daily kirtan (chanting), pranayama (breathing), and meditation practices.

Bruno Di Angelis is a Brazilian professional model who has lived in Beijing since 2013. He has lived and traveled many places around the world. As a nature lover and observer with many available hours (haha) to think about life, he has always been amazed by life's complexity and beauty, and he has always questioned the sense and purpose of it. With this philosophic mindset Bruno has found that the teachings of yoga resonate deeply with his soul. He divides his time between family, modeling work and yoga.

Erin 老师

Erin is our yoga and the brain girl! She will blow you away with her knowledge and accessible information about the way our brains and bodies function and improve as the result of a dedicated mindful practice.

She is passionate about bringing science-backed breath, movement, and mindset programs to the world. In 2016 she incubated her company The Mind Body Project at the University of Virginia (UVA) iLab, as well as received multiple grants to teach and study mindfulness in the US. She has a teacher certification in Hatha Yoga from Rishikesh, India, and has studied the Mindful Schools curriculum and worked with various cutting-edge mindfulness programs around the world, including the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center and Mind & Life Institute.

Gwen 老师

Gwen is our in house self-proclaimed anatomy nerd! She loves exploring how the body works and moves together and how we can better understand this to maximise the benefits of the practice.

She has been practicing yoga or over 20 years, certified with Yoga Alliance and teaching since 2011. Her trainings with Tiffany Cruikshank, Judith Hanson Lasater and Patrick Creelman shaped her practice and teaching style, with the focus on correct alignment of specific body while synchronising movement with the breath, creating a strong yet therapeutic practice to achieve a balance of strength, stability and mobility in the body. As a lifetime student of Yoga, Gwen is currently pursuing 500-hours Advanced Teacher Training under Tiffany Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine.

Malgo 老师

Malgo is our lovely arm-balance, inversion junky, acro-tastic delightful vegan friendly teacher! She is truly one of the lightest hearts in the city and is powerfully devoted to this practice. She has been teaching yoga for 4 years. She did her teacher training in Mcleodganj, India with Yogi Sivadas. Her favourite styles are vinyasa and yin yoga. She is also an acroyoga and acrofit teacher and completed both of her teacher trainings with the co-founder of AcroYoga International- Jason Nemer.

Included in this training

-Our training is based on the 8-limb path outlined by Patanjali and we are from the Krishnamacharya lineage.

-Daily satsang (kirtan/chanting), asana/pranayama, and meditation practice;

-Yoga history and philosophy and how it applies to our daily lives;

-An in depth study of the priciples of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, bandha, mudra and how they apply to the individual;

-Ayurveda and dosha imbalances (Kapha+Vata+Pita);

-Yoga anatomy and physiology, how to practice safely with injury prevention as a priorty;

-Principles of pranayama and vinyasa, sequencing a vinyasa yoga class;

-Energy bodies and how to incorporate in classes, exploring the chakras; kosha "digging"

-How to teach; the yoga Ps (posture, pace, presence, professionalism)

-Yoga ethics;

-An opportunity to practice teach in community classes in Beijing;


-An exploration of voice and the ability to practice dharma (our true life's purpose) and finding a place for karma yoga (service) in our lives and in our community;

-Much, much more...

Why should you take this training?

1. The highest quality and most fun teaching team ever. Theresa, Bruno, Erin Lee, Gwen, and Malgo...

2. Our focus on building relationships within our group and the formation of our strong Taozi tribe (Satsang) is one of the biggest benefits of taking this training. We believe strongly that the bonds that form among the students on their personal and teaching journeys are an unparalleled support system and spiritual family that will last a lifetime.

3. An opportunity to study with one of Beijing's best English speaking yoga schools, Taozi Tree Yoga, a beautiful community to call your yoga home. You will be able to assist and teach in Taozi Tree Yoga's classes around Beijing. To practice teaching in a working yoga space will give you the skills and confidence to find your own voice as a yoga teacher.

4. Students can register with Yoga Alliance, an internationally recognized yoga registry, as a RYT 200, once they have completed the course.

5. Affordable and convenient weekend style training.

All in all this is an amazing opportunity to become a part of the Taozi Tree Yoga magic.






7:00-12:00; 13:00-18:00

Time: 7am-12 1:00-6pm daily

Cost: 15,900 RMB

Early Bird: 14, 900 RMB (Paid in full by February 8th)

To receive our application please contact us via our WeChat public account or send an e-mail to Theresa.

WeChat ID: TheresaRae


Angeliqa Lejonberg -Sweden瑞典

...This training, our four teachers and our fellow students have expanded our horizons and inspired us to make changes that matter. This is just the beginning of my journey, but there has already been a change in how I value things in life. I attach greater importance to my own physical and mental health.

I see that in order to be able to take care of others, I first need to take care of myself. I knew this deep inside before, but still, I wasn’t making the right decisions. Things that may have felt very important before, I now see in a different light. The training has helped me to see what actually matters to me and to try to really prioritize these things.

This is a journey I would highly recommend to anyone. Not only has the training changed my personal yoga practice and my priorities in life, but it has inspired to me to find my own path and to delve deeper into myself and the spiritual world...

Shandre Edwins Koks -South Africa南非

...I can only speak highly of my teacher training at Taozi Tree Yoga. It has transformed the way I view my personal practice and ultimately myself. Teaching yoga was not an option when I started and now it’s something I want to pursue. I want to share the incredible gift Theresa has given me with everyone who is open to it. Theresa and her team of compassionate teachers have taught me that yoga is a path not just a one-hour practice on a mat. It is something I can carry with me in everything I do. I feel incredibly inspired to continue to learn and grow as a yoga practitioner and teacher...

Purcy Lai

I signed up the YTT to deepen my knowledge of my practice of yoga. I didn’t know I would also gain a brand new perspective on life and a supportive yoga family. What a big bonus.


Ella- United States美国

...When I stepped into the room day one, it became immediately obvious that this training was about so much more than the physical practice of yoga, and what has resulted after just 200 hours are life changes I could have never imagined. Through Theresa passing on the gift of her love of yoga and her personal understanding of the practice, which is a culmination of things she has learned from a wide range of teachers and styles and an amalgamation of her understanding of yoga through her long time practice of it, I have gained confidence, the beginnings of a sense of self-worth and the ability to trust people. Theresa created a space for us to learn and grow, not just in our yoga practice but in our lives. I can’t recommend the experience more...

Penelope Atkinson- United Kingdom英国

...Theresa, our course 'leader' makes the course unique. It's a special opportunity that our learning was directly with her, sharing her 10 years' worth of yoga teaching - as well as the truly accomplished team of teachers she brought together. It really offered a nice variety and pooling of their different expertise and experience.

Taozi obviously does not view it's YYT courses as 'over' after graduation day. Theresa has offered the students a very special opportunity to teach in the Taozi space and the famous Yoga in the Park, as well as introducing us to opportunities teaching around Beijing. She puts a lot of faith - as well as confidence - in her students by allowing us to teach with loyal Taozi 'clients'/ students...

Jaymi Holt -Unites States美国

...Over and over, Theresa gently encouraged all of us students that we did, in fact, have a voice and that sharing this practice was a lot less scary and a whole lot more accessible than we might imagine. She did this by helping us build a solid foundation of yoga philosophy, anatomy, postures and teaching skills. She also encouraged us to use our voices and start teaching nearly from day one and built a trusting and loving atmosphere to share what we were learning. The community in the classroom was also completely supportive and loving. Lifelong bonds likely formed in her classroom and a network of like-minded people that all have each other’s back was created over the course of 9 weekends...

Kristina Schaffner- Germany德国

...What I found out in the training with Taozi Tree was more than I ever expected. I learned so much more what it means to go the Yogi way. What is Yoga? What is meditation? What is Satsang? So much knowledge behind and yet I just scraped the surface. Honestly it is difficult to describe it in words. It is the experience you have to do and then you will understand.

The training just blow my mind. It brings you to think more about your desire and you will learn so much about yourself...

With love,


The seeds we water are the seeds that grow.

Theresa 桃子老师(500 E-RYT) has been teaching and studying yoga internationally for well over a decade. She has studied all over the world with many of yoga's leading teachers. She uses her life experience combined with her wide range of trainings to teach from the heart. A style of yoga that is both physiologically transformative and spiritually illuminating. She is an avid socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneur producing handmade yoga mat bags in Uganda, lifting vulnerable women out of poverty. She has been featured on CCTV, China Yoga Online, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest and more.

Instagram @taozitreeyoga

To stay in touch and updated on what we are up to, please follow our we-chat account.

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