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200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

This Spring, 2019, Taozi Tree Yoga is offering the next opportunity for Beijing residents to take a deep dive into the world of yoga. A great place to start, regardless if yoga teaching has ever crossed your mind.

With Theresa 桃子老师, Bruno, Erin, Gwen and Malgo @ GUIWEI YOGA!

In 2018 Taozi Tree Yoga launched its first three 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT's). This came out of a deep-seated calling in the heart of Theresa to help develop the role of yoga as a community and lifestyle tool in the city. The testimonials have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, so much so that we expect the trainings in 2019 to expand! Many of our teachers who have graduated are now leading their own communities in the practice. They are helping run our space and grow in their own directions. It is truly beautiful and powerful to see the rippling effects of the spirit of yoga.

The most common questions we receive about this training are: Do you think I'm good enough to participate in a yoga teacher training? Do I have enough experience? Am I flexible enough or strong enough? Our answer in almost all cases is YES.

Do you love or are you curious enough about yoga to spend 200 hours+ reading, discussing, and practicing it with like-minded people?

If YOU have been thinking about joining us on this exciting journey and you wish to take your own practice to the next level, then this is an incredible opportunity. If you are ready to rocket into a new dimension with more purpose and value behind everything that you do... then please join us. This yoga teacher training is guaranteed to be a life changing experience.


This year is we will be collaborating with the beautiful Guiwei Yoga, so our students can benefit from their beautiful facilities and their true heart for the practice. We love this space and you will to. Its located on Qingnianlu, right on line 6.