Taozi Tree Yoga - Teacher Training Testimonials

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

When I signed up to the Taozi YTT I wasn’t really sure why I had decided to embark upon this journey or what I was hoping to get out of it, all I knew was that there was something that I was immediately drawn to when I first saw the Fall course advertised. I just that I knew I had to do it! I would never have considered doing a YTT anywhere else, despite having practiced yoga for a number of years in various countries around the world. The fact that it was Theresa running the course made me feel like it was something that I could achieve and that it would be a positive experience because of her – I was right! From the moment I met Theresa, at the first yoga class of hers I went to, before Taozi Tree existed, she touched my heart with her warmth, kindness and genuine care for those around her. I was again met with the same feeling on day 1 of the course. She made us all feel so welcome and like we were all exactly where we needed to be! She created a community of like-minded souls and a family-like feeling amongst us, helping us to bond instantly as a group.

Bruno’s morning satsang also brought us together through chanting, meditation and insightful lectures for which I am eternally grateful. His support throughout the course was also invaluable. Over the past few months we have experienced and shared so much together, none of which I could have ever even imagined. The breadth and depth of what we learnt was unbelievable, although barely scratching the surface of the many different directions that can be taken into the world of Yoga.

I am so grateful to Theresa for her openness, authenticity and loving nature that she shared with us throughout the entire course. She inspired this in all of us and created such a safe environment for us to look within, share, and support each other through the emotional moments, the challenges and of course the successes. I knew that I would learn a lot through the YTT, but I had no idea how transformational the course would be for me as an individual, challenging and shifting my mind-set and helping me to grow as a person. Thanks to Theresa, I know that no matter where we all end up in the world we will always have our YTT family of life-long friends as such a strong support system. I can’t recommend taking a Taozi Tree YTT with Theresa highly enough. The light-heartedness, love, and encouragement to go deeper in all aspects of the course, made it exactly what I needed and so much more!

Holly Australia Fall 2019


At the beginning Yoga to me was just another way of exercise. I practiced for a couple of years in Beijing mostly focusing on my physical strength and nothing else. One friend invited me to “Yoga at the park” and I met amazing Theresa. I was though Teresa’s teachings that I was introduced to a deeper, spiritual and meaningful way of looking at my yoga practice.

In Beijing I heard about many yoga teaching courses in Chinese but none in English. When another friend told me about Theresa’s yoga teacher training I join the course as soon as I heard of it.

Theresa has a unique way of using her cheerful personality and personal experiences in order to get the message across. During the program she really focused in explaining yoga philosophy and always paid attention to the student’s physical and emotional care. I really love the way Theresa can use emotional feelings, energy, deep philosophy and humor in the same topics and even in the same sentence. Theresa’s unique way of teaching brings people together in an amazing way!!

I also really appreciate how other teaches where incorporated in the training to change the dynamic and the class and bring new/different perspectives. My amazing classmates were also a key element of having a great experience. They were always friendly, kind, helpful, funny and really interested in yoga and we have formed a close group. I do believe this training can benefit anyone, not necessarily people looking to teach yoga.

Before the teachers training course I dint know much about how Yoga can help us in our own life. Now, I am eager to share it with my family and friends. My yoga journey has just begun and I’m really thankful that Theresa is here for us!!

Andrés Armas

Commercial Counselor of Ecuador in Beijing Ecuador Fall 2018


I've been practicing yoga for more than ten years and building a more consistent practice over the past four years. As my interest and dedication to yoga grew, I began exploring teacher training opportunities while living in Singapore and the United States. For one reason or another, the timing never seemed to work out. I realize now that fate was waiting for the perfect opportunity. There's an adage, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." This is literally what happened when I ran into Theresa for the first time; a rare appearance for her, subbing at another local yoga studio. It happened when I was in Beijing for a week on a house-hunting trip in preparation for the big move in August. So I checked out her website and discovered that the Taozi studio had an upcoming teacher training.

Looking at the instructor bio for Theresa, I was impressed with her extensive experience in teaching and with the lineage of her instructors. However, the best part of having Theresa as my own yoga guru did not become evident until we started practicing with the rest of the Taozi community in Beijing. With Taozi Yoga at Yoga in the Park in Chaoyang Park, and at Yoga in the City in the CBD, Theresa exhibited her love and gratitude for being able to live, practice and teach in such an amazing,