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Taozi Tree Yoga - Teacher Training Testimonials

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

When I signed up to the Taozi YTT I wasn’t really sure why I had decided to embark upon this journey or what I was hoping to get out of it, all I knew was that there was something that I was immediately drawn to when I first saw the Fall course advertised. I just that I knew I had to do it! I would never have considered doing a YTT anywhere else, despite having practiced yoga for a number of years in various countries around the world. The fact that it was Theresa running the course made me feel like it was something that I could achieve and that it would be a positive experience because of her – I was right! From the moment I met Theresa, at the first yoga class of hers I went to, before Taozi Tree existed, she touched my heart with her warmth, kindness and genuine care for those around her. I was again met with the same feeling on day 1 of the course. She made us all feel so welcome and like we were all exactly where we needed to be! She created a community of like-minded souls and a family-like feeling amongst us, helping us to bond instantly as a group.

Bruno’s morning satsang also brought us together through chanting, meditation and insightful lectures for which I am eternally grateful. His support throughout the course was also invaluable. Over the past few months we have experienced and shared so much together, none of which I could have ever even imagined. The breadth and depth of what we learnt was unbelievable, although barely scratching the surface of the many different directions that can be taken into the world of Yoga.

I am so grateful to Theresa for her openness, authenticity and loving nature that she shared with us throughout the entire course. She inspired this in all of us and created such a safe environment for us to look within, share, and support each other through the emotional moments, the challenges and of course the successes. I knew that I would learn a lot through the YTT, but I had no idea how transformational the course would be for me as an individual, challenging and shifting my mind-set and helping me to grow as a person. Thanks to Theresa, I know that no matter where we all end up in the world we will always have our YTT family of life-long friends as such a strong support system. I can’t recommend taking a Taozi Tree YTT with Theresa highly enough. The light-heartedness, love, and encouragement to go deeper in all aspects of the course, made it exactly what I needed and so much more!

Holly Australia Fall 2019


At the beginning Yoga to me was just another way of exercise. I practiced for a couple of years in Beijing mostly focusing on my physical strength and nothing else. One friend invited me to “Yoga at the park” and I met amazing Theresa. I was though Teresa’s teachings that I was introduced to a deeper, spiritual and meaningful way of looking at my yoga practice.

In Beijing I heard about many yoga teaching courses in Chinese but none in English. When another friend told me about Theresa’s yoga teacher training I join the course as soon as I heard of it.

Theresa has a unique way of using her cheerful personality and personal experiences in order to get the message across. During the program she really focused in explaining yoga philosophy and always paid attention to the student’s physical and emotional care. I really love the way Theresa can use emotional feelings, energy, deep philosophy and humor in the same topics and even in the same sentence. Theresa’s unique way of teaching brings people together in an amazing way!!

I also really appreciate how other teaches where incorporated in the training to change the dynamic and the class and bring new/different perspectives. My amazing classmates were also a key element of having a great experience. They were always friendly, kind, helpful, funny and really interested in yoga and we have formed a close group. I do believe this training can benefit anyone, not necessarily people looking to teach yoga.

Before the teachers training course I dint know much about how Yoga can help us in our own life. Now, I am eager to share it with my family and friends. My yoga journey has just begun and I’m really thankful that Theresa is here for us!!

Andrés Armas

Commercial Counselor of Ecuador in Beijing Ecuador Fall 2018


I've been practicing yoga for more than ten years and building a more consistent practice over the past four years. As my interest and dedication to yoga grew, I began exploring teacher training opportunities while living in Singapore and the United States. For one reason or another, the timing never seemed to work out. I realize now that fate was waiting for the perfect opportunity. There's an adage, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." This is literally what happened when I ran into Theresa for the first time; a rare appearance for her, subbing at another local yoga studio. It happened when I was in Beijing for a week on a house-hunting trip in preparation for the big move in August. So I checked out her website and discovered that the Taozi studio had an upcoming teacher training.

Looking at the instructor bio for Theresa, I was impressed with her extensive experience in teaching and with the lineage of her instructors. However, the best part of having Theresa as my own yoga guru did not become evident until we started practicing with the rest of the Taozi community in Beijing. With Taozi Yoga at Yoga in the Park in Chaoyang Park, and at Yoga in the City in the CBD, Theresa exhibited her love and gratitude for being able to live, practice and teach in such an amazing, vibrant, cosmopolitan city! Her obvious joy and enthusiasm for the unique opportunity that we shared was infectious and I feel as if I've been called to carry the message as well.

I was looking for a like-minded community to ease my transition to living in Beijing but I found so much more! I have made what I know will be life-long friends in our cohort of fourteen students from all six continents! I am grateful and humbled to have shared a defining experience in my life with such a group of warm, caring, supportive and dedicated individuals. From the teachers in the group, I discovered my teaching voice and teaching style. From the parents in the group, I uncovered my patient and nurturing side. And from the other men in the group, I learned that there can be strength in vulnerability.

I can recommend the teacher training at Taozi without reservation. I really appreciated the small class size; I felt that I received a lot of personal attention from the instructors and had the opportunity to interact and get to know my fellow students. We were immersed in the theory and history of yoga, as well as exposed to different styles of practice.

Whether you are hoping to deepen and improve your own personal yoga practice, are feeling called to share your passion for yoga by teaching, or looking to make connections with kindred souls, you will find all that and more at Taozi Tree Yoga. See you on the mat!

Arnold United States Fall 2019


Before I heard about Taozi’s Yoga Teacher Training, I thought such an opportunity to immerse myself in yoga would only be possible once I had quit my job moved on from my life here in Beijing. Having this chance right here and right now, really gave me the feeling that it was now or never. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

For me, yoga had always been my refuge in this city. It was only when moving to Beijing 5 years ago, that my practice became regular and consistent. This yoga training felt like next step on my path forward. As a student I had learned that at times we need to embrace the unknown, push our limits, and find comfort in the uncomfortable. It was with this attitude that I eagerly registered.

After 200 hours of training, at times I experienced all of the expectations above and more. We were pushed to our limits, we struggled with new concepts and information and we faced challenges which tested us, but we all did it together.

Our Satsang was strong, our teachers understanding and considerate. We became a strong and loving team. We sang together, meditated together, ate together and practiced yoga together. We supported each other, and encouraged each other. I came to understand that there was no other place and no other way that I’d rather be spending my weekends.

I learned about yoga, its history and philosophy. I learned about anatomy and chakras , koshas and doshas. However, what I’m really going to take away from this course is the lesson that I am truly worthy of my own time and attention. I have learnt the importance of creating positive habits and patterns in my own life. I have learned that others see my potential, and that other believe in me, more than I ever cared to believe.

So, now the path goes on, and new roads have opened up before me. With these next steps, I have this experience to push me to my next challenge, with renewed confidence, understanding and support!

James Thompson Australia Fall 2019


For many years I like and enjoy practicing yoga. Still, though, my understanding of yoga was limited to the external movements. I always wanted to learn more, to experience more and becoming a yoga teacher. This became a dream of mine. I wish to help people understand yoga, practice yoga and find ways to achieve a healthy body and healthy life through yoga.

My husband saw information about taozi yoga training in an Expat Group. He actively recommended it to me in the hope that I would attend this all-English training. He thought the teacher training would improve my yoga level. As it turns out, that's true. Not only to improve my yoga level but also to change my attitude about life and to let me love life more.

YTT 200 hours of training, I think, is an exciting training. The YTT is a journey to explore your own body and spirit to find yourself in your yoga practice. Learning the theory of yoga allows us to understand what yoga is, to understand the purpose and benefits of yoga practice and to learn how to solve the lessons of our own physiological structure. We learned from the abstraction to concrete an understanding of ourselves. We learned to practise breathing and meditation classes that let us learn how to regulate our instinctive unconscious breathing. Ascending to consciously controlled natural breathing is a process of getting in and understanding yourself, a very delicate process. Hanna's lesson was entirely novel. It was about learning how to find your own voice, in chanting mantras, this comes from making a voice from within one's own body and combining the sound of consciousness. I Felt an extraordinary power of pleasant self-confidence. On the mat, this lets us learn how, under the guidance of breathing, that nature will be mind and body together to complete the exercise. We need to wake up to stimulate the body's energy, live in the present, enhance our ability to self-control and regulate the body and mind. Recommended reading during the training was "The Heart Of Yoga," "The Key Muscle Of Yoga," And "The Yoga And Injury." These books helped find our way in yoga training.

Taozi yoga teacher, Theresa, provides a rich yoga experience to open up our horizons. Her optimistic self-confidence and cheerful personality infected us. From her, I see the spirit of yoga. I learned to enjoy her love of yoga bravely in the face of the challenges of life, how to overcome the difficulties in life, and to actively appreciate the beauty of life.

There are many students in the interactive training practice, this let us bravely open up, speak out our fears and worries. Each of us has learned to face our fear of peace and calm, and we learned yoga's compassion and charity.

Thank you very much for the careful preparation of Theresa to plan such a meaningful training. I will tell more friends through their own practice, let them also participate in the exploration to find their own journey.

Susan China Fall 2019


The YTT experience with Theresa has been one of the most inspiring of my life. She has a story to share, and she is not afraid of being who she is. This is the message of yoga, this is what she thought me and what I will bring with me, on and off the mat. The physical effort, the early mornings, the daily successes and failures, the friendship and the sweat, the flexibility, the rain, the prana are all part of the training and made me who I am and who I will be, starting from today, as my own teacher.

If more people took this training, I’m pretty confident the world would be a much better place.

Thank you Theresa, thank you Taozi community - here is to everything beautiful that is happening next!

Chiara Italy Spring 2019


Taozi Tree Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) has been one of the most incredible experiences of my adult life. As a beginner Yogi, I had so many questions about the physical practice of yoga and how it relates to the spiritual path, and often wondered about who I might become or where my life might take me if I chose to embark on this journey at twenty-six years old.

I had no idea that I had been seeking a spiritual community. I originally joined the YTT because I wanted to deepen my understanding of asanas so that I could become a better, more informed student, and I chose Taozi tree because I had been attending classes as a beginner for less than a year.

Now, I have a deeper understanding of the power of our breath, meditation and mindful movement as well as a variety of frameworks that illuminate what it means to live soulfully. I owe this to my beautiful, talented, diverse and inspiring tribe and the wonderful teachers and guides that helped reorient me towards my path of self-discovery.

YTT with Taozi Tree Yoga goes beyond the books – it’s authentic, it’s raw, it’s heart-felt and it will push you to examine the deepest, darkest parts of yourself – and this is simply because of the ways in which Theresa integrates her life experience into her teaching while, at the same time, creates a safe space for her students to feel and be vulnerable with one another.

For anyone who would like to experience an interdisciplinary approach to becoming a yoga teacher, I highly recommend Taozi Tree Yoga. By the end, you’ll be equipped with not only the knowledge to guide a wide range of students but also the tools to help you become a better version of yourself.

Dorothy Mae Aaiji America/Nigeria Spring 2019


It was always my dream to become a qualified yoga teacher but despite many years of practice, I never felt quite ‘ready’ to take the extra step of participating in a YTT course. For many years, the idea of committing to such a training seemed really intimidating and out of my league.

If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would have the ability to complete a 200-hour teacher training course as a 37-year-old full-time working mother of a toddler, I would have said ‘completely unrealistic’. Theresa made the unthinkable possible by creating a course that is accessible to those who would otherwise never have the opportunity to make such a dream a reality!

As a working mum herself, Theresa understands the pressures of balancing a busy life in an urban environment; yet has managed to create a beautiful space that reminds us of the importance of self-care in other to be of service to others. Her open and grounded approach to teaching allows you to move inward, identify, reflect, rediscover and grow.

Out of the 20 students who participated in our training, 9 of us were working mothers; the majority of us had full time jobs; we ranged from 18 to 48 years of age and came from many different cultures scattered across 3 continents … this cohort is a reflection of Theresa’s unique ability to appeal to, and find common ground with a very diverse group of people from all walks of life. Her warm and down to earth teaching approach makes you feel like you belong and are part of a very special family! Theresa has a wonderful capacity to see each student as an individual, to draw on their strengths and encourage them to teach what is within them!

With a unique blend of structure and flexibility, Theresa’ impressive knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice encourages you to add layers of creativity to a solid and safe sequence.

Theresa teaches you that it is never too late to take the plunge, go deeper and follow your dreams!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to expand their knowledge and deepen their well-being! This course offers a non-judgmental space to travel safely along the path of self-discovery; while providing you with the space to strengthen your practice and open your heart! The lessons I have learned, the friends I have made and the memories that were created are all part of an amazing experience I will never forget!

Lorraine (Lainy)

Global Citizenship Coordinator @ WAB Ireland Spring 2019


Transformation – that’s the thread that links all the aspects of the Taozi Tree yoga teacher training.

Rather than a physical transformation – though my abs are a bit stronger and kicking up into handstand is no longer a distant dream – this training is an energetic, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Theresa Parsonage’s program is a dive into the very deepest parts of yourself and will prompt a re-examination of the way you engage with the world. You’ll meet friends from all over the globe and all walks of life. You’ll find a yoga community in the Taozi tribe. Most importantly though, you are buying yourself 200 hours of time to escape the churning energy of China’s capital city where life moves at breakneck speed – to step back and engage with something eternal.

If something about this course has sparked your curiosity then find out more. It’s a big commitment of time and energy but I can guarantee that you will emerge with new friends, a new outlook on life and with any luck, stronger abdominal muscles.


The Economist Network United Kingdom Spring 2019


I did my Yoga teacher training to help me find my way in life, to help me learn about myself, to deepen my yoga practice, and of course to teach everything I can to other yogis! I wanted to do it with Theresa because I heard so many good things about her and it was the best decision I could have done. The training with her and Bruno was always fulfilled with so much love and I enjoyed every single minute of it. They will always have a special place in my heart.

Nicole Selöz Germany Spring 2019


I have had friends encouraging me to take a YTT since I started practicing yoga five years ago. I put it on my goals list, but never took any real action because of self-limiting fears. However, when I moved to Beijing last year, I knew I was coming closer to this part of my journey.

Theresa was one of the first people I met in Beijing, and Taozi Tree Yoga was the first studio I took a class in in China. I was immediately drawn to the community, not just for a yoga practice but for the support and sense of belonging. I am happy I waited until moving to Beijing to take a YTT course because it represents doing the things that scare us knowing that what we truly want is on the other side. The Taozi training is unique in that it’s a multinational and multicultural experience. I not only learned more about yoga philosophy and the 8 limb path, but how to connect and grow with people from different countries and cultures.

Theresa beautifully demonstrates how universal yoga is, no matter what your first language is or why you are in China. Theresa encourages her students to find their dharma and carry out their life’s purpose beyond the yoga mat.

Ellen United States Spring 2019


I don’t know from where to start but I can say I’m the happiest person on earth! Such a great experience I did and I found the perfect place to do it.

For a forgiven who lives in China, Beijing, I found another home and such a great community

that apparently where under my nose all this time. I did

this YTT because for long time I’m looking for something else in my life

routine, I’m a person who need to move to express but on the other hand I’m

also spiritual and need to find my peace and quiet.

I chose taozi because it chose me, I was looking for a YTT course and then the next day I saw the post on wechat from the Yoga Yard and also from Justine, a yoga and acro yoga that I’ve been in here classes few times.

Yoga is so much more then poses and breathing, its super deep and has a lot behind it. I don’t think everyone would connect to it but for me it was a great journey to learn new stuff and especially in yoga, which I really didn’t know!

I know that when I’m in to something I will not quite, so for me all the homework, essays, reading etc. while having a full time job its will be a challenge, me personally up to any challenge and I think I concur it! And super proud myself, and to see how my family, friends, co-works also give me great feedback is helping! I know that the journey is only now really beginning but it’s a new path! And I can’t wait to go and do it!

About our group it was really unique for all of us to be together, every single one of the class was meant to be there!! I really feel that I have new friends and family here in Beijing.

The Israeli people have a bad pattern, it’s to be most of the time just Israeli..

and I feel that I broke this bad habit, I tried to so in the last 3 years I’m

here and finally with this amazing opportune I did it. I grateful for every

each one of them, and especially for Bruno and the queen Theresa. Without them it couldn’t happen! Such a great support and giving that its amazing we has this people on earth and we have gift to meet and work with them, and especially study from them!

I still in shock about this ending, feel that maybe its not yet over.. but I will recommend other people who feel they love yoga and looking for something more deep to do so, and yes in taozi tree because the people and the vibe atmosphere is something that I never felt before.

Thank you for such an incredibly opportunity!

Gabi Israel Spring 2019


This training completely affirmed my love for yoga and my commitment to make it a long-term part of my life. It was the perfect approach for someone like me, who had been on the fence about doing a YTT for years, but was scared I didn’t fit some sort of yoga ideal. I just felt like I was in a safe, nurturing, and open-ended environment where people of all practices and backgrounds were welcomed to just come and explore where they want to take their yoga practice. I loved that there was a great emphasis on individualized feedback and experiential learning, which guided us deeper into our own innate tendencies and aptitudes for teaching and practice rather than squeezing us into some sort of yoga teacher mold. Most importantly, I loved that it repeatedly placed yoga in the context of our daily lives, making me feel empowered to develop and share my practice in my own way, at my own pace. It was loving, realistic, grounded, and personalized, and I feel like I have finally discovered the tools I need to become more *me* thanks to Taozi Tree.

Hannah United States Spring 2019


2019年3月9日,这是一个全新的开始,但我并不知道将会发生什么,更不会想到这将是一个如此神奇的存在! 当我走近桃子树200ytt的课堂,我喜欢瑜伽,之前也有想提高自己英文水平的想法,所以选择的桃子老师的200小时教培课程,但是我完全被吓到了,English speaking,OMG,我之前的想法太简单,我要逃走,但是老师包容的眼神和同学们亲切的笑容让我留下来,我想尝试一下,挑战一下自己,慢慢的我被老师们上课的方式吸引,桃子树的课程设计很丰富,很科学,很规范,以前我总认为练高难度体式才是瑜伽,而桃子树让我知道这个想法太幼稚和愚蠢了,根本不懂瑜伽的真谛,桃子树把我从错误的的道理上拉回正确的方向!我开始努力的学习桃子树的所有知识!桃子树的每个老师都非常专业和认真,她们从不同的角度,不同的风格给我们打开了瑜伽经的大门,让我们看到了真理之光,最重要的是让我在精神领域得到了升华,遇到的事情都是应该遇到的,碰到的难题都是在考验我们的意志,并非只有令人信服的知识才能创造思想之波,错误的认知也一样,更让我重新认识了我和女儿的关系,让我用欣赏的眼光看待我们的感情,让一点让我受益匪浅,在桃子树的每一天都是快乐的时光,同学们都会帮助我,这种氛围激励我坚持到底,教会我如何呼吸,伸展身体,让我发现了自己的身体其实是个宝藏,为人之本,放下执念,面对真实的自己!我喜欢桃子树瑜伽,我喜欢桃子老师,我会告诉我周围的朋友请选择桃子树瑜伽,她给你的让你终身受用无穷!

来自Carrie·冯的介绍信 China Spring 2019


I have always been attracted by yoga and the physical aspect of it, the strength and the stretch challenges of each pose, the sense of calmness and confidence it leaves inside. Dragged by a dear friend, and willing to add it to other fitness disciplines I already teach, I decided to embark on this new journey. Ready to learn more about it; a little doubtful, deep inside, about the more metaphysical and spiritual side of it.

The YTT with Theresa Parsonage at the Taozi Tree yoga centre was a marvelous discovery adventure. Over the 9 weekends Theresa took us through all aspects of yoga: the philosophy, the history, the technique of the poses and the fundamental basics of how to teach a yoga class.

Theresa’s special talent is to make the course accessible and enjoyable for all types of students, coming from all backgrounds. Theresa (and the other teachers) were ALWAYS fair and inclusive, encouraging and patient and constantly using our individual strengths to make us progress.

It turned out to be a fascinating emotional journey of self-discovery, understanding and applying the philosophy of yoga to my every day life.

While teaching the last vinyasa class on our last day of training, Theresa invited us to connect with the yoga teacher inside us: her final nod to us to fly the nest empowered and confident.

New friends, a new friendlier perspective on life, a slightly better physical form, a yoga community in Beijing are just a few of the benefits I got from this training.

Guy Italy Spring 2019


Joining Taozi Tree Yoga Teacher Training has been a wonderful experience to broaden my understanding of the theory and philosophy behind the ancient practice in ways that will allow me to deepen my own individual practice and allow me to share what I am passionate about with others. By exposing all participants to a variety of branches of yoga and not only the most familiar forms of vinyasas, and removing individuals from what they are most comfortable with; we found space to grow and build life long friendships. I can now say as I go into my research for my doctoral project, that I am confident in my understanding of how and why yoga works both through breath and movement to provide benefits to practitioners mentally and physically. Through connections made between this philosophy and practice and educational ideology and theory I hope to provide a more varied array of options for students to use in their tool kits to help with their social emotional regulation when faced everyday stress to build their resilience.

Erica United States Spring 2019


The first and foremost reason I took Yoga teacher training to know how to teach Yoga and its teaching principles or techniques. At the same time, I wanted to know myself, my body and wanted to improve physical strength through Yoga. I have always been interested in Yoga, and luckily my colleague who completed the course shared an excellent review and suggested the course at Taozi. I have learned and gained immense knowledge of Yoga’s philosophy, Kirtan, Meditation, Breathing exercises and teaching techniques. I was profoundly impacted by this course physically as I improved my strength and I realized that I could use Yoga as a means of service to the community. It’s a lifetime learning experience as I will continue this learning to create a healthy body and mind to have a blissful life. I have also experienced spiritual bliss through meditation and chanting mantras every day early in the morning through this course. I felt cared, loved and moved by the kind of encouragement offered by the teachers at Taozi. I will strongly recommend this course to others as it will be meaningful for their lives and will deepen their yoga practice.

Kuldeep India Summer 2018


1. I took my first yoga class ten years ago while attending university. Initially my motivation was to improve my physical fitness, but slowly I realized that yoga is a very powerful therapeutic process and offers a non-denominational spiritual experience. Yoga has been integral to my path of healing and processing trauma in my life. When Theresa, owner of Taozi Tree Yoga Studio, decided to offer a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I was excited to further my practice with the guidance of the amazingly compassionate and skilled teachers, Bruno, Justine, and Theresa, of Taozi. Through the YTT Theresa offered loving encouragement and support to us as we explored our emotional and spiritual selves.

2. I really enjoy the Taozi Tree 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) because the yoga teachers involve are really a diverse and balanced team. Through the training we were given the insightful, and genuine perspectives of Bruno, who guided us through our daily meditations, pranayama breathing, and led our Satsang community gatherings, Justine, who added a playful energy, and a wealth of information as we learned about the safety and techniques involved in inversions and arm stands, and Theresa, who compassionately guided us through yoga philosophy, history, Asana techniques and practice, and our Asana group teaching practices. Theresa, and her team, are genuinely kind, compassionate yogis who have a passion for helping others along their individual yogic paths. I highly recommend their 200hr YTT.

3. Over the past couple I have been traveling from the Beijing suburbs to take Theresa’s Asana because her energy and soulfulness really spoke to me. When she decided to offer a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I knew her kind and patient personality would create a positive, supportive environment for a YTT four week intensive. I was not disappointed! At the end of the training, I had not only been guided through loads of information about yoga, but I have a better understanding of my path forward. Over the years yoga has been a practice of learning about myself, healing myself, and creating positive response mechanism to changes in life, and through Theresa’s training I feel equipped to help others along their paths.

Kristy United States Summer 2018


Enrolling in the 200 YTT at Taozi is one of the best things I have done for myself. I chose Taozi based on personal recommendations and rave reviews from students who had completed previous trainings. I leave my training filled with gratitude, joy and a sense of accomplishment. I am excited and ready to carry my learning forward and apply it to my life, my teaching and my practice.

Theresa creates an inclusive and nurturing environment as she guides her students on their learning journey into yoga. She ensures a personalized experience, encouraging students to examine their own life experiences. Yoga training at Taozi encourages introspection and a safe, caring environment where people feel comfortable to share. Theresa supports and champions each member of the group as they explore the deeper layers of their physical, mental and spiritual being. Her genuine interest in every student and her absolute love of yoga easily inspires learning. Throughout the course Theresa demonstrates generosity of spirit, and she is dedicated to making yoga accessible to all. She is willing to share her vast knowledge and experience of yoga, and she readily welcomes a range of teachers to enrich the course with their areas of expertise.

The intimate size of the training group, together with a welcoming Taozi community creates a sense of belonging. Over 9 weekends, busy lives converge and wonderful conversation and learning happens. There is an open flow of ideas, feedback and yoga. Beyond the studio, learning and practice takes place with students meeting, communicating and encouraging each other. Close friendship and lasting connections are formed within the group. I leave the training with a sense of kinship and a mutually supportive relationship with the students who learned with me.

On a personal level, the yoga training at Taozi is simultaneously grounding and uplifting. Ultimately, it is an extremely therapeutic experience: I feel well adjusted on a physical, mental and emotional level. I would highly recommend the YTT at Taozi Tree, to anyone who is interested in finding more depth in their yoga practice.

Georgina Davies South Africa Fall 2018


After practicing yoga constantly inconsistant for 3 years, mainly with Theresa and occasionally other teachers, I decided to take it deeper and further. Taking this YTT was mainly for self-development to study how to practice right and how to be more peaceful.

As said, I mainly practiced yoga with Theresa over the last few years. I like her teaching style and the effect of her classes.

The more into this traning, the more I realized how wrong I or most people were practicing yoga, and how wrong we viewed yoga as mostly physical movement. This training has brought more stillness, calmness and gratitude into my life. Even thought the training just finished, I feel the urge to study so much more. For myself, I found my calm and firm voice during the training and gained more confidence.

Besides being academic, their YTT encouraged a warm, moving, helpful sisterhoodlike atmosphere which is precious in a modern busy city life.

There are quite a portion of yoga philosopy and traditional satsang in the training. Practicing asana or studying poses is easier to do by oneself, but philosopy and satsang study needs more guidance. They offered it.

It's like steping into the door of life transforming. After being in this training for months, even with my normal busy life and work going on together, I felt the change in me, or at least my attitude towards various things. The knowledge I learnt needs time to sank in and my life transformation has just began.

Would you recommend the ytt to others? why?

I surely will. The reasons are listed above really.

Scarlett China Fall 2018


You never know if a decision you make, might have an impact on your path. Lucky to have shared the path in the last few months with a group of amazing women from the YTT Autumn Group, who shared their perspective and experiences and are open minded to new ideas and adventures and who are immensely supportive.

I wanted to do a YTT because I wanted to deepen my knowledge about Yoga, mostly for my self practice but also to bring yoga more to the people in my surrounding.

I chose Taozi Tree YTT, both because it was located and in Beijing and on the weekend and therefore integrateable into the normal work rhythm, but also because Theresa had a great reputation of experience, knowledge and open heartedness, where I felt, I could learn a lot from her experience but also that she would attract the right communtiy to learn with. Which she did indeed. She brought an amazing group together, both as students, but also a diverse group of teachers who all taught us different elements of yoga. Theresa really wanted to make sure we get a good understanding of the different parts of yoga and the complexity and different elements that are connected to it. While 200 hours are way to short to learn all, this YTT really gave me a great foundation of the different elements: Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Yoga and the different Basic Asanas, Building Yoga Sequences, Yoga related Anatomy, how Yoga connects with Neuroscience and much more. While still also making us curious to dig deeper into the different topics.

But while the training gave a good insight on the topics itself, the teachers were always also focused on not just learning but also emphasised the importance on creating and maintaining ones own yoga habits and routines, which I think will have the greatest impact on me after the training to have a positive impact on my life (balance).

Taking the training is definitely a commitment of time and energy, but if you go with it you can get a lot out of it, both in knowledge, skills, community, self-retrospective and healthy positive direction (& habits).

Johanna Germany Fall 2018


The best teachers are those who inspire their students to keep learning beyond their classroom. That can be said of the effect Theresa and her team had on their yoga teacher trainees. Theresa, also known as Taozi from Taozi Tree Yoga, became my sole yoga teacher sometime in April 2017 after attending an inspiring yoga session in the park. It was the first time I had enjoyed a yoga class and I came out of the park truly feeling the benefits and “magic” yoga can bring. From then on, Theresa became “my” teacher. The more I attended her authentic and heartfelt classes the more I became interested in taking my personal practice further.

The desire to do the training really came out of the blue and to be honest, teacher training sounded daunting especially given the images and stereotypes of yoga teachers online. I had never considered teaching yoga and only saw it as something intensely personal for me in my life. However, I couldn’t deny that the stars had aligned. My experienced teacher who teaches the heartfelt yoga I love was taking the time to help people deepen their personal practice and the 9-weekend 200-hour training was a schedule I could actually commit to. Whether it was fate or the stars, the sign was clear and I signed up.

The training was unique because the teachers were so relatable. I was particularly grateful for Theresa. She made us feel inspired to challenge ourselves and yet comfortable enough for us to be honest and uninhibited in our asking of questions or checking of understanding. It was a safe and compassionate space to learn and grow.

I can only speak highly of my teacher training at Taozi Tree Yoga. It has transformed the way I view my personal practice and ultimately myself. Teaching yoga was not an option when I started and now it’s something I want to pursue. I want to share the incredible gift Theresa has given me with everyone who is open to it. Theresa and her team of compassionate teachers have taught me that yoga is a path not just a one-hour practice on a mat. It is something I can carry with me in everything I do. I feel incredibly inspired to continue to learn and grow as a yoga practitioner and teacher.

Shandre South Africa Spring 2018


Theresa has a heart of gold and that came through in every aspect of the training. A long time practitioner of yoga’s physical asanas, my initial motivation for taking the training was too many mornings where I planned to do asanas, only to find that the video I was trying to stream wouldn’t work or would freeze 20 minutes in. I thought if I understood more about yoga I could lead myself through an hour or hour and a half class without the frustration of the videos. I also had a peripheral interest in Ayurvedic medicine and a slight inkling to do more meditation. Long story short I came to the training with an expectation that most of the benefits of the training would be physical. I also thought I might gain a bit of confidence learning how to project my voice in front of a room, but that was largely it. When I stepped into the room day one, it became immediately obvious that this training was about so much more than that, and what has resulted after just 200 hours are life changes I could have never imagined. Through Theresa passing on the gift of her love of yoga and her personal understanding of the practice, which is a culmination of things she has learned from a wide range of teachers and styles and an amalgamation of her understanding of yoga through her long time practice of it, I have gained confidence, the beginnings of a sense of self-worth and the ability to trust people. Theresa created a space for us to learn and grow, not just in our yoga practice but in our lives. I can’t recommend the experience more.

Ella United States Spring 2018