Moved By the Moon 心随月动

The  Sun and the Moon are deeply influential celestial bodies in both our external and internal worlds. In the outer world, they influence the Earth's tides and the ocean's water. Our bodies also contain vast amounts of water and celestial changes influence our emotions, behaviors, and our consciousness.

The Sun represents our outer identity and ego. It guides us in the way that we shine our own lights in the world and reveals our yang or masculine expressions. It gives us the strength and courage we need to illuminate our life's purpose. 

The Moon represents the inner world of our hidden emotions, desires, shadow-selves, fears/worries, and dreams. The moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past, and creatively unlock and express our essence. The moon is also uniquely feminine and the most changeable astrological influence in our cosmos.   

The Earth, Sun, and Moon are all perfectly in line and the tides are at their highest and lowest at either the full or the new moon. These moons are the most defining phases of the lunar cycle and the earth's energies are transformed by their influence. The full moon completes the cycle and the new moon begins it, mirroring what is happening in our internal space. 

The new moon is a birth. The waxing phases continues the moon's journey until it reaches it's ripest point, the full moon then recedes back through the waning phase and starting the cycle over again with the fully dark sky in the new moon. A death and rebirth every month. 

Similarly, you are continually reincarnated each month. You are filled with strength, ideas, power, and courage as the full moon builds and leaves you with the need to process and release at the moon's fullest. On the new moon, you are prone to ruminate on your decisions and experiences in order to birth the best possible realities for yourself in the next phase of the moon. You rejuvenate yourself and start all over again each month. 

So much has shifted in the last few months and we are all working through new cycles in our lives. It’s never been more important to clear out the old and make room for the new.

We will come together as a community to invite positive change in with the next cycle of the moon and support each other in our own personal growth.  

We will begin with a yoga and breathwork set, followed by an opportunity to reflect and journal and finish with a lunar meditation to integrate what we’ve learned. 

*All are welcome, no previous experience necessary

*Wear clothes you are comfortable doing yoga in*Bring a notebook and pen 



月亮代表我们的“内心世界”,隐藏的情感,欲望,影子自我,恐惧、忧虑和梦想。它代表了我们的感觉,我们的潜意识,过去以及我们阴性 表达原型。月球让我们