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Moved By the Moon 心随月动

The  Sun and the Moon are deeply influential celestial bodies in both our external and internal worlds. In the outer world, they influence the Earth's tides and the ocean's water. Our bodies also contain vast amounts of water and celestial changes influence our emotions, behaviors, and our consciousness.

The Sun represents our outer identity and ego. It guides us in the way that we shine our own lights in the world and reveals our yang or masculine expressions. It gives us the strength and courage we need to illuminate our life's purpose. 

The Moon represents the inner world of our hidden emotions, desires, shadow-selves, fears/worries, and dreams. The moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past, and creatively unlock and express our essence. The moon is also uniquely feminine and the most changeable astrological influence in our cosmos.   

The Earth, Sun, and Moon are all perfectly in line and the tides are at their highest and lowest at either the full or the new moon. These moons are the most defining phases of the lunar cycle and the earth's energies are transformed by their influence. The full moon completes the cycle and the new moon begins it, mirroring what is happening in our internal space. 

The new moon is a birth. The waxing phases continues the moon's journey until it reaches it's ripest point, the full moon then recedes back through the waning phase and starting the cycle over again with the fully dark sky in the new moon. A death and rebirth every month. 

Similarly, you are continually reincarnated each month. You are filled with strength, ideas, power, and courage as the full moon builds and leaves you with the need to process and release at the moon's fullest. On the new moon, you are prone to ruminate on your decisions and experiences in order to birth the best possible realities for yourself in the next phase of the moon. You rejuvenate yourself and start all over again each month. 

So much has shifted in the last few months and we are all working through new cycles in our lives. It’s never been more important to clear out the old and make room for the new.

We will come together as a community to invite positive change in with the next cycle of the moon and support each other in our own personal growth.  

We will begin with a yoga and breathwork set, followed by an opportunity to reflect and journal and finish with a lunar meditation to integrate what we’ve learned. 

*All are welcome, no previous experience necessary

*Wear clothes you are comfortable doing yoga in*Bring a notebook and pen 



月亮代表我们的“内心世界”,隐藏的情感,欲望,影子自我,恐惧、忧虑和梦想。它代表了我们的感觉,我们的潜意识,过去以及我们阴性 表达原型。月球让我们有能力去感受,学习过去,并创造性地释放和表达我们的本质。










Live Zoom Call 

Full Moon: July 5th 5:30-7AM MST

New Moon: July 31st  

Scan QR Code to Register or e-mail Theresa @ or message her on Facebook or Instagram, all good!







The Full Moon marks the mid-point of our 29-day lunar cycle. During the Full Moon, the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun and is fully illuminated by it. Astrologically, this opposition can create challenging or intense energies around this time but also makes it a potentially very powerful time as the yin and yang energies are in a natural harmonic balance. 

The Full Moon heightens our emotions, dreams, and mental processes and encourages you to explore and express your creativity, bliss out on sensual activities, or amplify the need to release any aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision you have for your soul. 

The Full Moon is a great time to take in the moon, to sit and meditate as you breathe and let it warm your heart into the present moment. The moon transmutes that which you wish to release and is a powerfully emotional time. Gathering in a community of women and taking part in ritual to bring healing for both yourself and others only serves to amplify these energies. The Full Moon is deeply cleansing and can offer powerful release. 


The New Moon marks the beginning of the 29-day lunar cycle. The Moon is roughly equally distant between the Earth and the Sun during this time and hence, leaves the moon dark. You can not see the Moon at this time as the side that faces the Earth is not illuminated. 

Both the Moon and the Sun are in the same Zodiac sign at the time of the New Moon, lending an extra boost to that specific energy. 

The New Moon marks the first lunar phase and thus, new beginnings. It is symbolic of the second chance we are all given each month. If things didn't go the way we imagined in the last cycle the new mon offers you a chance for a clean slate. 

The New Moon is a perfect time to meditate, journal, organize, and plan your next moves. The New Moon purifies the Earth's energies and aids personal reflection. 

On a New Moon, we take the time to write down our intentions for the coming month and ask the Universe for assistance in realizing them. Rituals are about beginning again, banishing the old, and moving on is always best done on the New Moon. Gathering with a community and collectively setting intentions amplifies their power. 


Jaymi has been a Taozi Tree teacher since 2018 and has been running the Moved by the Moon women's circle for the last year and a half. She practices and teaches Kundalini yoga as well as Vinyasa and Yin. She is a certified Tarot reader and instructor and loves to explore the spiritual realms and introduce their mysteries to others. 

How to Join

COST:    50 RMB or $7USD per person 

PAYMENT: (copy and paste link into your browser)

WeChat: Send Payment to Theresa




WHAT TO PREPARE:  You'll need a space to practice yoga and a notebook and pen 

Sign Up:   Sign up prior to class is required. Scan the QR code below to add WeChat ID: TaoziTreeYoga or message Theresa, Facebook, Instagram or e-mail

Full Moon: July 5th 5:30-7AM MST

New Moon: July 31st  5:30-7:30AM MST






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