Bruno Di Angelis


Male Model

The classes of yoga with Theresa made me feel very relaxed and strong. This feeling lasted for many days, this sensation of well-being.I always wish to go back. Many beautiful and nice people come together to make the energy even better. It is Theresa's beautiful energy which brings these yoga practitioners together. She is definitely a great yoga teacher and a very nice person.

Rob Cunningham



I loved attending Theresa's yoga classes.

For me it was more than just the simple act of following a teacher through the weekly yoga practice. It was always an opportunity to experience personal growth, awareness and being present in the practice of life.

Theresa’s teaching style is more reflective of coaching, mentoring  and guiding her class with a positive uplifting energy.

I always felt connected and centered after Theresa's  classes.

Dominique Othenin-Girard


Film Producer

Uplifting and inspiring yoga classes!
Coming out of Theresa’s class, I feel joyful and happy with a sense of belonging to the world. I’m invigorated and loving life. Theresa mixes motivating gentleness with constructive discipline during her class. She is precise, clear, demanding and knows well how to lead her group. Thank you Theresa for giving me such growth…


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