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About the Program

We at TAOZI TREE YOGA feel that as a teacher training school, this is a great opportunity to both hold the space in the studio to support the budding teachers that we love, and modify/evolve our own accountability and transparency with the community we strive to support with quality yoga classes and experiences.

We always want to do the best that we can for our teachers, our community, and our business. We genuinely want to keep evolving and growing in order to share our unique heart, and desire to positively impact the residents of Beijing with our classes, events and trainings.

For TAOZI SEEDS teachers the time is an extended “incubation” or “apprenticeship” period where they can continue to learn and grow through community feedback and love. These will be marked on the schedule as TAOZI SEEDS. Once our growing teachers gain enough experience, you may find them listed as a regular studio classes or headlining community events as blossomed grown TAOZI TREES!

***Un-limited pass holders can go to any class on the schedule, including the TAOZI SEEDS teacher classes and series. Those with class passes or MULA cards, YES you can use them for TAOZI SEED classes if you want, or you can just individually drop-in at 70 RMB and save your class passes for our regular classes, series or events.

Daniele Hang, Winter YTT 2023

Other yoga studios do not provide this chance and their space to YTT students to start our teaching practice after the training graduation. Whereas Taozi Tree Yoga gives this truly unique opportunity to do our 10 free teaching practice classes and furthermore have an opportunity to become a regular teacher on schedule as a Taozi Seed!

Are You Interested in YTT?

Join us to become a new generation of teachers. Receive your application today:

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